September 17th- October 15th, 2016

Cato Løland

Folded Lines, Battles and Events


Saturday September 17th, 8pm

Entrée, Markeveien 4b

Press Release
The exhibition will present new work where Løland has focused on exploring the inherent qualities in inexpensive and fragile materials such as cardboard, textile offcuts and different found objects.

Various levels of bodily intensity and exertion are visible in the new pieces where he has engraved lines into the surface, stitched on textile assemblages or altered various objects into collages and sculptural elements. The methods underline his playful attitude to the artistic process and are an attempt to bring the tension from the studio situation into the gallery.

Adding both familiar and non-figurative objects, elements and shapes into formal frames, he wants to expand their range of association. By always working in an improvised and non-linear way, the works have a playful odor and denies to get categorized, and thereby reflects his way of thinking and working, questioning hierarchies within materials and technics.

Cato Løland (b. 1982, Kvinnherad) is working from his studio at USF Verftet, Bergen. He completed his MA from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2009, and immediately after co-founded Entrée, where he is still a member. Recent exhibitions include Costal Cuts, Bærum Kunsthall; Vestlandsutstillingen, Kabuso; TAC, Christinegård; VESSEL(S), Entrée New York Satellite; The Spring Collection, Haugesund Kunstforening; Soft Walls Hard Work, Hardanger Folk museum; Gruppeutstilling, Kraft; Bones keep breaking, Coffee is being spilled; Galleri BOA; Flag New York City, Performa 13 Biennial; Inside and Out, Kim? Contemporary Art Center, Riga; Sol brenn skodde bort, Galleri Giga; Love is Old, Love is New, Entrée at Bergen Kjøtt; Closer To White, Tag Team Studio, Bergen and Zwischenraum and In Between, Der Kunstverein Hamburg.