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January 8th, 7pm

Magazine Launch

Objektiv # 12

Warming up to the exhibition 'Image Support' with Lucas Blalock, Marieta Chirulescu, Ann Cathrin November Høibo and Eileen Quinlan at Bergen Kunsthall (opens 8pm), Entrée wants to invite you to the launch of Objektiv # 12, featuring among others a conversation with Lucas Blalock.

Objektiv # 12 has been inspired by 'Fast Forward: Women in Photography' (Tate Modern, 2015). The issue has singled out the three artists B. Ingrid Olson, Marie Svindt and Lieko Shiga.

Photographer and writer Lucas Blalock has interviewed B. Ingrid Olson, whose work, in his words has ‘a beguiling presence’ that begs an engagement both cerebral and bodily. Artist and writer Kristian Skylstad talks to Marie Svindt, discussing how her nursing training has affected her new work. And finally, the editor of Aperture, Michael Famighetti, interviews Lieko Shiga about her practice, which extends beyond photography into sculptural and social realms. The three artists have also made picture essays especially for Objektiv.

Objektiv is a biannual art publication with a focus on photography and film. The first issue came out six years ago, and the mission is still to act like a time-capsule, documenting where contemporary lens-based art is today. Objektiv has adopted a gallery-in-a-journal format, to show, discuss and challenge photography, film and video art. Since the beginning they have asked artists to reflect on the medium in conversations with other artists, and for every issue invited artist has been commissioned also to exhibit within the magazine pages.