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Ane Graff & Alex Klein

In conversation

We invite you to listen in on a conversation between exhibiting artist Ane Graff and invited guest, curator Alex Klein from ICA Philadelphia. The conversation took place in Entrée's New York satellite with Independent in Harlem on Saturday March 4th, 2017.

Entrée is taking over the second floor at Independent’s Fifth Avenue property in Harlem and presents the two inaugural solo exhibitions part of the brand new Independent's Gallery Residency Program, both exhibitions opens Tuesday February 28th at 6pm.

In “Mattering Waves”, Ane Graff presents a new body of sculptural works that poetically engage issues of identity, touch and growth. Graff, inspired by feminist science studies scholars such as Karen Barad and Donna Haraway, is interested in bringing forward the complexity and relational nature of matter – the awareness that matter is never one thing, but rather a multitude of elements entangled in a network of relations. Her sculptural work combines diverse components in a series of mutually affecting, reactive processes in which the materials change through – and with – each other. In her work, the consequences of identity and growth are rendered unknowable, and touch is materialized. Growth is no longer a linear phenomenon, but instead a series of entangled interactions – a coming into existence through complex connectivity. Underscoring issues of our time – the current man-made ecological crisis and its unknown outcomes – Graff shows us a reconfigured materiality that incorporates the human touch.

Ane Graff (b. 1974, Bodø, Norway) lives and works in Oslo. She graduated from the Bergen National Academy of the Arts in 2004 and currently holds the position of Research Fellow at the Oslo Academy of Fine Art. Her work is currently on view at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, in the exhibition “Myths of the Marble” (upcoming at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia). Recent exhibitions include “The Eighth Climate (What Does Art Do?)”, the 11th Gwangju Biennale, South Korea, and ”Surround Audience - the 2015 New Museum Triennial”, New York City.

Alex Klein is a curator from Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia since 2011, where her most recent projects include the exhibition Myths of the Marble, which she co-curated with Milena Hoegsberg and co-organized with the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Norway. Along curating exhibitions at ICA her writing has also been published in numerous collections, including Public Servants: Art and the Crisis of the Common Good (MIT Press), The Human Snapshot (Sternberg Press/CCS Bard), How Soon Is Now? (LUMA, 2012), and the critical volume on photography Words Without Pictures (LACMA/Aperture, 2010), which she also edited.