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SATURDAY APRIL 22ND, 3- 6pm, 2017

Andrew Amorim
& Mitch Speed

In Conversation

We invite you to listen in on a conversation between exhibiting artist Andrew Amorim and invited guest, artist and writer Mitch Speed. The conversation took place in Entrée's New York satellite with Independent in Harlem on Saturday April 22nd, 2017.

Press Release
Entrée and New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) would love to invite you to join us for a conversation with exhibiting artist Andrew Amorim and invited guest, artist, and writer, Mitch Speed.

The talk takes place inside Entrée’s exhibition at Independent’s Gallery Residency in Harlem. Amorim’s work ‘Lest We Perish’ will be at display, and the following conversation will be concentrated on the background of the work and Amorim’s research on sneaker culture, commodity fetishism and online fetish communities.

Andrew Amorim is an interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin and Bergen, who is working with photography, film, video installation, sound, and text to explore themes of memory, decay and desire. He often stages actions in front of a camera, subsequently combining found and original material through reproduction and editing.

Mitch Speed is an artist and writer based in Berlin. A contributing editor at Momus, he writes regularly for Frieze, and has contributed to Flash Art, Camera Austria, Artforum, and Turps. He was co-founder and editor of Setup, a journal of contemporary art and writing published by Publication Studio. In 2016, he earned a graduate degree in studio art from the Mason Gross School of the Arts, at Rutgers University.

Andrew Amorim
Lest We Perish
28.02- 22.04, 2017

Still from Lest We Perish.