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October 5th- 10th, 2017

Nordic Dummy Award

Terje Abusdal, Sanne Vils Axelsen,
Karoliina Paatos, Damian Heinisch, Simon Berg

Terje Abusdal, Slash & Burn, (winner NDA 2017).

Entrée is pleased to host the Nordic Dummy Award on tour. Come have a look at this year's Artists' book candidates and the winner Terje Abusdal’s dummy Slash & Burn.

"The jury selects Terje Abusdal’s dummy Slash & Burn as the winner of the Nordic Dummy Award 2017. The project takes an open and vigilant approach towards different photographic genres by rhythmically juxtaposing documentary, archival and staged photography.

With this approach, the reader’s curiosity is nurtured and drawn into the little known story of a Finnish minority group that originally settled along the Swedish-Norwegian border in the 1600s. The title of the book, Slash & Burn, refers to the technique the so-called Forest Finns used to cultivate land, slashing and burning trees to grow their crops, and leaving a place once the land had been exhausted.

Taking the position of a storyteller, Abusdal carefully examines a theme with a Nordic dimension, highlighting parts of history that hitherto have been overlooked. The distinctive graphic design matches the quality of the content, suggesting that long-term research stands behind the process of making this dummy. The jury therefore concludes that the overall quality of the project makes for a promising book, that should be known to a larger audience.”

Terje Abusdal, Slash and Burn
Simon Berg, Soil
Damian Heinisch, Fünfundvierzig
Karoliina Paatos, Cowboy Girls
Sanne Vils Axelsen, Vindtid

Nordic Dummy Award is awarded annually by Fotogalleriet.

During NDA's Open Call all artists with a connection to the Nordic countries are invited to submit their photobook dummy. A recognized jury selects a shortlist of candidates and a winner. The shortlisted books including the winner are exhibited and announced during Landskrona Foto Festival. The winner book is published by Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg and launched the year after.

The Nordic Dummy Award was initiated in 2012 by Fotogalleriet and The Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers. Today it is administrated by Fotogalleriet with support from the Norwegian Photographic Fund. Fotogalleriet have also initiated collaborations with several other Nordic institutions to send the NDA on tour.

This year's Artists' book candidates!