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June 24th- July 29th, 2017

Jeannine Han, Dan Riley

Time Flies When Slipping Counter-Clockwise

Opening Saturday June 24th /8PM

Press Release

In the exhibition Time Flies When Slipping Counter-Clockwise, Jeannine Han and Dan Riley have transformed Entrée into a sound designer’s studio, which includes hand-woven tapestries, 16mm film, and intuitive sound machinery. The tapestries have a dual function as acoustic panels and sound sources, enmeshed with objects salvaged from the artist’s discontinued studio, a site that also appears on screen. The interwoven detritus absorb sound physically and historically while harnessing the loom’s inherent rhythmic presence, connecting the weaver’s transcendent beat to an unreachable time and place. As de facto guide to this realm, a microphonic shaman spins in the room, performing an algorithm, which extracts the hidden sounds of the tapestries. Tufted with matted sheep locks as dynamic filter, the iron mordants of the weaver’s concoction are effectively wrung out by the spinning machinery and set upon the score.

Entrée is excited to finally bring to Bergen, the New York based artists Dan Riley and Jeannine Han, whom we first encountered during our collaboration part of Performa Biennial in 2013. Their practices overlap in an interdisciplinary examination of how physical properties of sound can be used to infer the existence of a hidden reality. They are concerned with technological advancement’s large influence on our consciousness, where free will competes with increasingly complex algorithms and strategically customized experiences.

Dan Riley is a composer and experimental sound designer. Recently he has scored several films, one of which was the winner of Ann Arbor Film Festival's Sound Design Award. He has collaborated with Jeannine Han on a number of projects and films including Fantasy Can Invent Nothing New for The Sculpture Center’s In Practice, and the recent Listening Party No. 2 release in collaboration with BodyWorkBodyWork.

Jeannine Han is a visual artist and lecturer of Fashion Design at The New School, Parsons. Her most recent exhibition was Fantasy Can Invent Nothing New at The Sculpture Center’s In Practice, together with Dan Riley. Her work has also been exhibited at Institute of Contemporary Art in London, Performa 13 in New York, and at Salzburg Kunstverein in Austria. Together with Hayley Silverman she is exhibiting at Bodega Gallery in New York this summer.

Installation view. All photos by Bent René Synnevåg.

Motorized microphone, computer control program, sound

Resonator Tapestry (# I-II)
Wool from Gotland Pelt, cotton, celluloid, metal structure, objects from the artists discontinued studio
400 x 80 cm

Mute Mirror
Glazed ceramics, metal structure
18 x 55 x 4cm

Video stills from Time Flies
05:24 min, 16mm film with sound

Details from Resonator Tapestry

Mute Mirror
Glazed ceramics, metal structure
18 x 55 x 4cm

Markeveien 4b, Torgallmenningen.