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September 23rd, 2017

Danilo Correale

Reverie: On the Liberation from Work


21:20 min x 2

Onboard Hurtigruten MS Trollfjord

Saturday September 23rd

Danilo Correale, Reverie: On the Liberation from Work

Press Release

Entrée presents an exclusive hypnotherapy session for The Cabin Series, onboard Coast Contemporary*. In Reverie: On the Liberation from Work, artist Danilo Correale has collaborated with a New York-based psychotherapist and hypnotherapist to create a guided hypnosis that aim to relax the body and mind in preparation for a post-work society. This hypnotic exercise will guide you on a peaceful journey of the mind to explore the realm where work is no longer needed, and where the dream of universal basic income has finally succeeded.

Reverie: On the Liberation from Work, is otherwise available as an limited edition LP that includes The Decelerationist Reader, a book featuring excerpts from Avi Alpert, Bob Black, Andre Gorz, Susan Brown, Bertrand Russell, Poppy Dixon and the Center for Experimental Meditation.

Danilo Correale’s work has long focused on the human aspect of financial capitalism. In the increasingly urgent context of the global economy and a rapidly evolving workforce landscape, the artist uses the language of hypnosis to vividly describe a practical solution to empirical but yet potential issues inherent in a system too long stagnant in the old rhetoric of work.

Danilo Correale (b.1982, Napels, Italy) lives and works in New York and Naples. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions, including the 16th Quadrennial of Rome at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni; Pigs, Artium Museum, Spain (2016); Ennesima, Trienniale di Milano (2015); Kiev Biennial (2015); Museion, Bolzano (2015); Per-formare una collezione, Museo Madre, Naples (2014); Steirischer Herbst, Graz (2013); Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin (2012); Manifesta 8 in Murcia/Cartagena (2010); Moscow Biennial, Moscow (2010); Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul (2009). Recent solo shows include Tales of Exhaustion, La Loge, Brussels (2016); The Missing Hour: Rhythms and Algorithms, Raucci/Santamaria, Naples (2015); The Warp and the Weft, Peep-Hole, Milan (2012); Pareto Optimality, Supportico Lopez, Berlin (2011); Entrée, Bergen (2011). Correale recently published The Game: A three sided football match, FeC, Fabriano (2014) and No More Sleep No More, Archive Books, Berlin (2015).

*Coast Contemporary is a platform and place of encounter that assembles artists and art professionals September 21- 24th, onboard Hurtigruten's ship MS Trollfjord. The trip out to sea starts off in the north of Norway in the small cluster of islands called Lofoten, and runs down the coast, towards Bergen. The program onboard consists of presentations, panels, lectures, exhibitions, film screenings, and performances by artists as well as Norwegian and international art professionals, institutions, and writers. See Coast Contemporary's website for more info on the overall program.

Session onboard Coast Contemporary, Hurtigruten MS Trollfjord.