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March 19th- April 16th, 2016

Anders Holen



Saturday March 19th, 8pm

Markeveien 4b

Press Release
Shiny silver and copper sculptures in the shape of eggplants, ice cream cones, artichokes, as well as cocktail glasses and ladles whose content has solidified mid splash, are displayed on glass tables and containers in the exhibition. Parts of the objects have been carved away, leaving them with stamp-like protuberances on their flat, even surfaces.

The abstract symbols protruding from these objects also appear in brightly colored patterns incorporated into the crude pieces of solid wood mounted on the walls. Repetition of the symbols – as if one made the other – creates a significant relationship between the works: as an object and its referent. The sculptures are inanimate, but through their causal agency they seem to exude an inherent potential; it drew its mark on something else. The symbols derive from a study on cognitive recognition, meticulously developed for the sole purpose of being perceived as ‘non-objects’, i.e. as completely abstract signs.

The potential agency of things is a recurring topic in Anders Holen’s practice. His works appear as familiar, yet strange objects that point to their creation simultaneously as they reveal their own ability to create, thus blurring the dichotomy between object and subject.

Anders Holen (b. 1986) lives and works in Oslo, he has a degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Since graduating in 2010 he has been featured in exhibitions both national and international, such as: Aid for an Impending Quagmire – Helper, New York; Words Arent The Thing - Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius; Lopsided Upthrust - BOA, Oslo; and Young Pioneers, Kunsthall Oslo, Oslo. He was also one of the founding members of Tidens Krav, an artist-run gallery in downtown Oslo.

‘Material Reverberation’, notes on Anders Holen’s ‘Stimulus’ by Espen Johansen accompanies the exhibition and will be available at Entrée, and can be downloaded here:

Material Reverberation
By Espen Johansen

Entrée March 19th by Bent René Synnevåg.