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November 19th- December 17th, 2016


How to Feel Like a Woman

Exhibition Opening and Issue # 12 Launch

Saturday November 19th, 5pm

Entrée, Markeveien 4b

For listing of all works see Entrée Paperwork page

ALBUM, Index Finger

Installation view. All photos by Bent René Synnevåg

ALBUM, Pumpkin

Press Release
ALBUM is a fanzine collaboration between artists Eline Mugaas and Elise Storsveen, where they juxtapose found photographic illustrations from Scandinavian instruction manuals, popular science magazines, cookbooks, etiquette manuals, fashion magazines, travel brochures, all typically from the 60s- 80s. The collages create a sophisticated and humorous reading that is organized under a number of heavy themes like ‘the lonely man', femininity, architecture, family, outer space, and nature. In the exhibition at Entrée they show new collages, and launch issue # 12. Their book ALBUM, published by Teknisk Industri and Primary Information will be available.

Don't miss packed days of Bergen Art Book Fair which takes place this weekend from November 17.- 20th at Bergen Kunsthall. Check out the complete program at See you this weekend in Bergen!

ALBUM, A Good Pair



ALBUM, Helping Hand

ALBUM, Hairy

ALBUM, Excitement

ALBUM, French Mustache

ALBUM, Uniforms

ALBUM, Birth

ALBUM, Squirt


ALBUM, Point of View

ALBUM, Her Highness

Installation view. All photos by Bent René Synnevåg