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Friday October 31, 2014

Mathijs van Geest

The passenger eclipsed the object that I could have seen otherwise

One Night Only October 31, 7- 11pm

Entrée is pleased to present a new mini-exhibition with work by Mathijs van Geest in an exclusive one night only format. His practice is characterized by small and concise work, and instead of relying on big gestures, the monumental or the grandeur, he’s asking what if an exhibition wants to be silent, intimate, condensed and quietly referring to itself?

Mathijs van Geest (b.1985 Leiden, Netherlands) is educated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design. In precise actions, he creates work based on everyday objects, daily situations and the site specific. Much attention goes in examining the potential of these objects and how we interpret them. To transfer and create meaning by, for example, adding a lot or very little information in the titles and descriptions. You are invited as participant in the tension between the events of universal proportions and those of the small and mundane, revealing that the exceptional can be found in the common, as much as the common in the exceptional. Together with artist Bjørn Mortensen he runs the small publishing house, Apis Press. A new edition Evenings by Mathijs van Geest will also be presented this evening.

Do you double about it? White circle applied on a jacket which is worn by a performer standing alone in the courtyard, dark-red circle on gallery window. Photo: Kobie Nel

Mathijs van Geest exhibition Friday October 31. Photo: Kobie Nel

A simple longing. Light bulb from the artist
bedside lamp installed as a new lamp. Photo: Kobie Nel

A few things you should know about me. Appropriated doormat from the gallery hallway, clothe fabric under glass. Photo: Kobie Nel

Post. Stack of 250 postcards with the title ‘Dust (Universe)’ to be taken for free by the visitors. Photo: Kobie Nel