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March 13, May 15, November 23, 2014

The Artists’ Supper Club

A collaborative project between
Amber Ablett & Stacy Brafield

The Artists’ Supper Club organize events using the dinner table, food and taste as a focal point for exploring ideas and enabling critical but informal dialogue. Often taking place within exhibitions, they use the dining experience as a tool for discussion, by creating a comfortable, non-threatening and inclusive environment for people to spend a more intensive period of time to engage with and discuss the works in more depth.

At Entrée this year The Artists’ Supper Club has taken place at three occasions, engaging with two exhibitions and once, in the empty white cube, they invited the participants to suggest topics for conversation and prepared corresponding dishes to introduce each participants ideas. At the exhibition of work by Tora Endestad Bjørkheim and Bjørn-Henrik Lybeck they took guests on a tour, focusing on six concepts central to the artists’ work. For example by taking a quote from the exhibition text, "Tora says Work generates work. Labor is artwork. It takes no shortcuts", they asked each guest to open their own oysters (after watching a tutorial) to discuss how value of an object changes when labor and investment are added to it? Through this activity they were able to open up another understanding of Bjørkheim’s work which again sparked off further conversations about question of value within our own lives and society.

The Artists’ Supper Club, a collaborative project between Amber Ablett & Stacy Brafield, aims to bring together people both inside and outside of the artworld to find new ways to talk about the things that art can provoke. The saying goes that you shouldn’t talk about religion and politics at the dinner table but they use food as a tool to explore and question, using the familiarity of the dinner table to extend the experience of the works, both for the audience and the artists.

More info: The Artists’ Supper Club

From The Artists' Supper Club at Entrée November 23, 2014.