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March 2nd- April 7th, 2013

Azar Alsharif

The distant things seem close (…) the close remote (…) the air is loaded

Vernissage Friday March 1st / 7pm, Nøstegaten 42

The distant things seem close
the close remote
the air is loaded
Everything is everything
False is also real
so hear this mixture/this scripture
Now these words
won't accept deception
Sometimes it simply seems
a glacier becomes specular streams!

Azar Alsharif, 2013

Azar Alsharif (b.1984) lives and works in Bergen. She is mainly working with collages and sculptures made from found material like peculiar second hand treasures and glossy magazines. Her sources additionally range from poetry, film, and pop culture- often with a sense of an echo from the nineties. For the exhibition at Entrée you`ll find re- representations of landscapes, re-edited poetry and new collages in diamond shaped frames. In her work she re-produces meaning from recycling a range of different commercial languages and then ask questions about the subjective experience of truth and value. Alsharif is educated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Exhibitions include No One Should Call You A Dreamer, Gallery F15 , Eyes On Your Instruments, One Night Only, Reshuffling Forest (Hellebou Vol.3), Holodeck, CHROMA II, Volt and Vårutstillingen, Fotogalleriet. Solo exhibitions include Before You Can Read You Gotta Learn How To See for Galleri Fisk (2010), Knowledge Is Faithful for Rom 8 (2012) and 7 Sonnets On Grace for Hovefestivalen (2012).


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