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January 30th- February 27th, 2016

Sinta Werner

Vanishing Lines


Saturday January 30th, 8pm

Markeveien 4b

Sinta Werner, Die Flucht der Fassade # III, 2016. Photocollage (3d).

Press Release
Sinta Werner’s site-specific installations form unstable architectonic realms that are teetering between pictorial representation and sculpture, causing optical illusions by mirroring or doubling interior features, using both two- and three- dimensional structures, as seen in her previous exhibition at Entrée in 2012.

For the second exhibition with us, Werner is presenting photo-based collages and photograms that continue her architectonic exploration of virtual and physical boundaries. In her black and white series of collages, paper folds take up given structures of the architecture and by that reinforce and sometimes invert the logic of perspective. Taken further, in the series ‘Batîr en l'air ’ the depicted skyscrapers are constructed by mere cut-outs of sky which emphasize the reflective, immaterial appearance of the monumental buildings. In the colorful series ‘Vanishing Lines’ she is using exposure bracketing and applies the same choreography for exposure in each image. These photograms continue to play with spatiality by using blurred edges and allusions of perspectival foreshortening.

Sinta Werner (b.1977, Germany) lives and works in Berlin. Werner studied at the University of the Arts Berlin and made her Master of Fine Arts at Goldsmiths College in London, 2007. Previous exhibitions include 'Plato's Third Eye' at Meetfactory, Prag, 'Hausbesetzung' at Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden, 'Die Operation der Verschiebung' at Alexander Levy, Berlin, 'Das Scheitern der Oberfläche' at Christinger de Mayo, Zurich, 'Setting the Setting' at Nettie Horn, London, ‘Something that stands for Something / Double Described Tautologies’ at Entrée, Bergen, 'Higher Atlas' at Marrakech Biennale and 'Neverwhere' at Autocenter, Berlin.

Sinta Werner, Die Flucht der Fassade # II, 2016. Photocollage (3d).

Sinta Werner, Die Flucht der Fassade # II, 2016. Photocollage (3d).

Entrée, January 30th, 2016. All photo by Bent René Synnevåg.

Sinta Werner, Vanishing Lines # I- III, 2016. Photogram.

Sinta Werner, Self Exposure # V, 2015. Collage.

Sinta Werner, Self Exposure # IX, 2015. Collage.

Sinta Werner, Batîr en l'air # II, 2009. Collage.

Sinta Werner, Batîr en l'air # III, 2009. Collage.

Sinta Werner, Vanishing Lines # II, 2016. Photogram.

Sinta Werner, Fortlaufende Negation, 2016. Photocollage (3d).

Sinta Werner, Vanishing Lines # I, 2016. Photogram.