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October 17th, from 2 - 6pm

Book Launch & Presentation

with MELK

Get the book here (link) at MELK gallery.

Press Release
The first comprehensive study of the contemporary Scandinavian photography scene, edited by Bjarne Bare and Behzad Farazollahi in collaboration with Oslo based gallery MELK and published by Black Dog Publishing. This book documents the shift in Scandinavian photography away from documentary and towards a fine art practice.

Focusing on the last ten years, New Scandinavian Photography highlights the work produced by a diverse range of artists who are exploring and manipulating the medium of photography in their practices. The book examines photography through academic texts and interviews, addressing its technical and material properties in the context of fine art and pan-media practice, with a focus on the exhibition environment as well as printed matter. Through critical examination and artist interviews, this book showcases established names in the Scandinavian photographic art scene.