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November 19th- December 18th 2011

Karen Skog & Mia Øquist

Skog & Øquist systematiserer

Vernissage Friday November 18th / 7pm, Nøstegaten 42

Press Realease
Karen Skog and Mia Øquist have been working towards this collaborative exhibition from completely different parts of the country, Øquist from Bergen and Skog from Svalbard. Through images sent from one to the other, unexpected associations has emerged that have resulted in both finished and unfinished works which after new processing, sorting and systemizing are now presented at Entrée.

The materials consist of MDF boards, drawing paper, light bulbs, wood, masking tape, glass, pencil, watercolours, ink, metal, plastic, balloons, stamps, copy paper, photography, notebooks, artificial grass, wire,mechanics, nails, wire, glue, screws and more.

Karen Skog (b.1982) lives and works in Bergen and is currently a resident at Bergen Kjøtt`s brand new program AiR Svalbard. In 2009 she completed her Masters at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts during which she also had an exchange to the Universität für Angewandte Arts in Vienna. Skog has exhibited at BGO 1, Bergen Art Museum and Caprisious Space, New York and with her Karen Skog Orchestra she has played several concerts including at Landmark, Grieghallen and Sound of Mu.

Mia Øquist (f.1980) lives and works in Bergen where she currently has a studio at Bergen Kjøtt. Øquist has a Master of Arts from Bergen National Academy of the Arts from 2009 and had an exchange to The Royal Art Academy in Stockholm. Øquist has held performances in Norway and abroad including at the Never or Nowfestival in Bergen, Storåsfestivalen and during the Caochandi Biennial in China.