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August 7th- September 1st, 2010

Alison Carey
Ivan Twohig
Benjamin Gaulon

On The In-Between

Vernissage Thursday August 6th / 7pm, Nøstegaten 42

Press Realease

Entrée presents an exhibition of new work by Alison Carey (Irl), Ivan Twohig (Irl) and Benjamin Gaulon(Fr).

Working collaboratively Alison Carey and Ivan Twohig have used as a point of departure for their sculptural installations the act of transportation of the artwork itself. The work is designed to adhere to the parameters of the funding awarded which allowed for the shipping, packaging and transportation of artwork. The works are made to the maximum baggage dimensions (L+B+H=158cm) and combined weight allowed (40kg) for checked luggage on their SAS flights from Dublin to Bergen. The work subsequently shares its visual language with that of the processes and materials of packaging and protection. Wooden crates and packaging foam do not so much act as containers but reveal their own structural integrity as an elemental part of the work itself.

Benjamin Gaulon`s L.S.D, Light to Sound Device, invites its users to engage in a new perception of their daily environment. In ecology this class of relationship is called commensalism. L.S.D feeds on light via two LDR (light depending resistor) mounted on a suction cup, allowing the sensors to be mounted on any screen surface. An analogue synthesizer converts the light input to sound waves. This device can be used in many different configurations and feeds from any light sources. Even if the L.S.D can be controlled by any light source, its design is aimed at screen reading/listening. This project will also be developed into a street intervention by placing several L.S.D into public spaces for anyone to use (by plugging your own headphones) or steal. Finally a dedicated youtube channel will support the creation of videos for L.S.Ds allowing users to share their compositions.

Benjamin Gaulon (b.1979) is an artist and lecturer at NCAD Dublin. His work has been exhibited in France, Ireland, The Netherlands and the U.S. Gaulon is currently the co-coordinator of DATA the Dublin Art and Technology Association. He was co-founder of IMOCA and has curated numerous exhibitions, workshops and discussions in the areas of art and technology.

Alison Carey (b.1983) is working as an artist and an arts manager and have experience with coordinating and contributing to major international art projects and events. She has previously held roles in institutions such as the Irish Museum of Modern Art, IMOCA and the Guggenheim Museum, New York.

Ivan Twohig (b.1982) is an interdisciplinary artist who has exhibited internationally. His work has been included in the St.Etienne Design Biennale in 2009 in France and the Fenomen IKEA exhibition at MKG in Hamburg Germany and Landmark at Bergen Kunsthall in 2007.

This project is supported by Culture Ireland.

Alison Carey & Ivan Twohig`s sculptures before opened and revealed.

Benjamin Gaulon`s LSD, Light to Sound Device.