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July 3rd- July 27th, 2010

Mercedes Mühleisen
& Øyvind Aspen,
Birk Bjørlo,
Damir Avdagic,
Annette Stav Johanssen.
Curated by Arne Skaug Olsen

If Everything Else Fails...

Vernissage Thursday July 2nd / 7pm, Nøstegaten 42

Press Realease

Mercedes Mühleisen(b.1983) & Øyvind Aspen (b.1983) live and work in Oslo. Both are educated from Statens Kunstakademi in 2010, and are currently running Tidens Krav, an artist-run space in Oslo, together with Anders Holen and Linda Lerseth.

Birk Bjørlo (b. 1986) is currently studying at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Bjørlo has exhibited at Tidens Krav in Oslo, Galerie Weissraum in Kyoto, Bks Garage and pop up gallery in Copenhagen.

Damir Avdagic (b.1987) has a background from Nordland Kunst og Filmfagskole and is currently studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2014). Avdagic has exhibited at The University Museum in Bergen, Nordnorsken and Warehouse 9, Copenhangen.

Annette Stav Johanssen has her education from Malmö Art Academy (2009). Together with Synnøve G. Wetten she collaborates on the interdisciplinary project Fine Art Union that they established in 2006, and have exhibited at Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Skånes Konstforening, Foire d`art contemporain à Paris and performed at black Box Teater, Kurant, Signal- Center for Contemprary Art, Malmö to mention a few.

Arne Skaug Olsen is an art critic, curator, publisher and visual artist living in Bergen.

Thing, Birk Bjørlo

Støv-Mugg-Jord, til Tor Ulven, Birk Bjørlo

Totem (is that for real or is this really real), Mercedes Mühleisen & Øyvind Aspen

Totem (is that for real or is this really real), Mercedes Mühleisen & Øyvind Aspen

Annette Stav Johanssen`s installation

Annette Stav Johanssen performing Solveig`s Song.

Details from Annette Stav Johanssen`s installation.

Work in progress by Birk Bjørlo