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March 12th- March 29th, 2010

Serina Erfjord


Vernissage Thursday March 11th / 7pm

Press Realease
The 4th exhibition at Entrée shows new works by Serina Erfjord. Erfjord’s subtle, poetic sculptural work usually reflects and includes its surroundings, as it often constitutes interventions within the gallery space or in the public realm. Her interest in various movements within a material is shown through her use of for instance electromagnets, gravity, freezing elements, motors, sound, light and different kinds of liquids. A certain movement is created, things are brought to life.

Serina Erfjord was born in Erfjord in 1982. She graduated with a BA from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2008 and is currently doing her MA at the same academy. Repeat was her first solo show.

Normal Blue (oil, pigment, motor, metal).

Glass of Water From Yesterday

Repeat, Repeat

Consert to Life (one tone by woman and saw)